Dog Training

We offer a variety of Dog Training classes in 6-week 1-hour sessions throughout the year. (Class descriptions are listed below.) Our trainer, Caron Bronstein, teaches positive motivational methods to students and their dogs all in the goal of developing mutual trust and respect. All classes are currently being held outdoors at Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society in West Windsor, VT. We have revised our protocols to be in line with guidelines set forth from the CDC, and they are listed below.

The next session of classes will begin:
September 20 (Tuesday) & September 24 (Saturday)


Beginner Obedience: Tuesday @ 6PM and Saturday @ 9AM
Intermediate Obedience: Tuesday @ 7PM and Saturday @ 10 AM
Puppy K: Saturday @ 11AM
Rally Obedience: Saturday @ 12:15PM
Advanced Agility: Tuesday @ 5PM

*Schedule is subject to change.  

Register online for a Dog Training Class.

Please contact us directly with questions or to request a registration form at 802-484-5829 or email

The fee for each 6-week session is $150.00. We’re happy to take $25.00 off any class if your dog or puppy was adopted from Lucy Mackenzie, or another shelter or rescue.

We have adjusted some of our normal operating procedures to ensure the safety of participants and staff members during these times of pandemic.

  1. DO NOT attend class if you are feeling ill in any way, or you live with someone who is feeling ill or has been exposed to COVID-19 (whether or not they tested positive).
  2. All students must wear a MASK.
  3. Only 1 person & 1 dog may attend class within the ring. 1 other family member can watch the class from outside the ring, maintaining a distance of 6′ from all other persons.
  4. No Dog to Dog, Person to Dog or Person to Person contact.
  5. Upon arrival, please park in a free parking space and stay at least 6′ away from other students.
  6. Please have your dog on leash and completely under control before allowing the dog to exit your car.
  7. Once out of the car, maintain at least 6′ between yourself and others.  Do not let dogs meet at the end of their leashes.  You are welcome to walk your dogs as usual before class, but please keep at least 6′ away from other dogs/handlers.
  8. Please wait near the training field for your class to begin.
  9. While in class, maintain at least 6′ between yourself and other students.
  10. Once class is dismissed, leave the training field one at a time again keeping at least 6′ from other dogs. We ask that you do not loiter around the training field or in the parking lot but proceed directly to your car.
  11. Please practice social distancing at all times while on the property.  Should you need to speak with one of the Lucy Mac employees, use the bathroom facilities or enter the shelter for another reason, you will be given information about which entrance to use.

Hand sanitizer, as well as poop bags and a trash receptacle, will be located near the training field.  

In addition to the above safety procedures, we would also like you to bring your own chair (should you wish to sit down at any point during the class), water and bowl for your dog, your own filled water bottle and any bug spray, sunglasses, hat that you would usually use when outside. 

Bring very small, flavorful high value treats for your dog and a bait bag, fanny pack, carpenter’s apron, etc., in which to carry the treats as you work with your dog.  Your leash should be 6′ in length and your dog should wear a collar (slip, flat or martingale) or a Gentle Leader.  No harnesses, please.  Please wear your mask around the house for a few days before coming to class so your dog is used to seeing it on you. 

For the Obedience 1 classes, Caron will usually fit each dog with a training collar (a modified slip collar that is very useful and a great training tool that comes with the class).  Due to the above safety procedures, she will have you fit this collar on your dog yourselves.  To accomplish this, please email Caron your dog’s neck measurement (at the top of the dog’s neck, place a tape measure right behind the cheek bones under the chin and measure around to the top of the neck right behind the ears).  When you arrive at class, she will have the training collars set out on a table near the training field with your name attached for you.  Once all the students have their collar in hand, Caron will demonstrate how to put the collar on your dog with my own dog.

For those students whose dogs have already been fit for a collar in a previous session, you may not need a different collar for your dog.  If your dog has grown out of the current collar, send Caron the neck size and she will have a collar ready for you as well.  We will do the collar fitting once everyone has entered the training field.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.  We are always keeping your safety in mind as we start classes again.  Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your participation. 



Puppy K Classes

This 6 week course has flexible enrollment for puppies at least 8 weeks old and not yet 16 weeks old when the class begins. The focus is to teach caregivers early puppy training and care in a happy, positive way. Puppies will have a great time playing with other puppies and learning social skills necessary to be a good pet. Each owner will also have the opportunity to handle each of the puppies in class in order to provide the puppies with essential socialization with humans. An introduction to leash work and basic commands will also be taught
Beginner Obedience
This 6 week course is limited to dogs that are over 16 weeks of age. The focus of this class will be to teach caregivers to train their dogs using low stress positive reinforcement training techniques. Behaviors taught are the basics of good behavior – sit, lie down, stay, wait, come when called, heeling on a leash without pulling, and more.
Intermediate Obedience
This 6 week course is limited to dogs that have graduated from the Beginner Obedience class. The focus in this class will be to increase the reliability of the skills taught in the Beginner class, having the dogs perform these skills in increasingly more distracting situations. New skills, such as beginning off lead work, jumping, retrieving and clicker training, will also be introduced in this class. Skills will be taught using a variety of group exercises and games.
Rally Obedience
Rally Obedience is an energizing sport that combines the exercises taught in obedience with the course work that is used in agility. Rally is a very user friendly sport with exercises ranging from simple commands to advanced ones. The Rally course consists of several stations, each with a sign detailing what exercise is to be performed at that station. The courses are quickly paced and can be done on or off leash, with teamwork and fun in mind!

Agility is a great way to have fun with your dog and get some exercise as well! Dog and handler teams learn to do a course consisting of a variety of obstacles which include such things as an A-frame, tunnels and jumps. It is an exhilarating sport that is a blast!
Beginner Agility
This 6 week class is limited to 8 dogs who are 6 months or older, for students who are new to the sport of agility, or for returning students who are training a new dog. The focus in this class will be on the introduction of agility equipment and basic handling techniques used in agility. Most of the class will be done on leash, with some off leash work starting by the last week or two of class. Dog and handler teams must have a working knowledge of basic obedience skills or have graduated from a basic obedience class before enrolling in this class.
Intermediate Agility
This class is limited to 8 dog and handler teams who have already graduated from a basic agility class and are ready to move on to more advanced work in agility. The focus in this class will be on the introduction of more advanced handling techniques and more challenging courses. Most work will be done off leash. Dogs and handler teams must have a working knowledge of basic agility skills and be able to work off leash.



Caron Bronstein graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology, but while working as both an animal control officer and as a code enforcement officer, she found her calling! She is passionate about dog training and helping owners to understand their dogs through the training process. She has been teaching dog training classes – including obedience, rally obedience, and agility – both publicly and privately for nearly 20 years. Her goal is to help owners train their dogs to become well-mannered companions and pets in all settings and to build the foundation for good behavior at home and during any activities in which the owner and dog wish to participate. Caron is also a member of the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

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