President’s Blog

June 13, 2020

While this was written six months ago for the 2020 Winter Edition of MacChat, we all felt that it was highly appropriate to post as John’s inaugural blog post. Enjoy!

I’m honored to be the new President of Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society, a noble institution that was here, caring for animals in need, a century before I arrived, and hope- fully will endure for centuries after I’m gone. I’ve been pushing brooms and petting animals for years now as a volunteer and love when someone meets me and asks “Are you John… the Cat Guy?” I’m only saddened that I don’t qualify to be recognized as the “Dog Guy,” too! I need to work on that.

I also love to hear a visitor to the shelter exclaim how healthy and comfort- able the animals look, how clean and bright and cheerful the facility is. Many people work diligently 365 days a year to keep it that way, caring for the animals and providing them with whatever they need.

But there is another section to the shelter, rarely seen by the public, that is also clean, and bright and the animals there are getting healthier and more comfortable hour by hour and day by day. Each and every day, in those spac- es, Lucy Mackenzie treats cats and dogs (and the occasional bunny or horse) behind the scenes in a quiet healing area where they can be rehabilitated. A protected place where they can recover from whatever trauma, injury or ill- ness requires our gentle attention.

People hear about the large newsworthy stories in the press involving doz- ens of mistreated animals, and we are absolutely ready to provide all the help that we can in those cases. But what people don’t see or realize is that every day of every year we have numerous animals who we are caring for behind the scenes and giving them a chance to get better so that someday they can be out with our visitors and be considered to be taken home, to their forever home.

Once they are healed, from whatever challenge they came in with, we will proudly put them in the public portion of Lucy Mackenzie and gladly tell our visitors how brave and tenacious and wonderful they are.

Because these furry friends really are all those things…

John Zahara started volunteering at Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society in 2014 after he retired from the software industry and moved to Brownsville, VT. He joined Lucy Mackenzie’s Board of Trustees in March 2016, and was elected as President in 2020. In addition to being our Board President, he will always be known affectionally as the “Cat Guy” and can be found “pushing brooms and petting cats” regularly as a volunteer.

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