Hi! My name is Zeus and I’m a 2-year-old neutered male. Like my best buddy, Aries (who I’d love to spend the rest of my life with still!), I came to this big, red building in the snow (which they affectionately call “Lucy Mackenzie”) after things didn’t quite work out in my last big building. It really is really big here, and sometimes I can hear the dogs barking (who are not my favorite, I must admit!), but it’s a really nice place to be as I wait (alongside Aries!) to find my new big building and the loving family that will inevitably come with it. I’m still learning about the world but, boy,  do I have fun, purring up a storm, while I do! Anyways, they asked me to provide a few words, so here they are. If you want to know me better (and, hopefully, Aries, too), then why not call the tall human people in the big, red building in the snow to set up a time to come meet me!

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