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Neumann & Nikkei (FKA Zack & Cody) were adopted January 2023

Neumann and Nikkei’s mom writes “The ‘boys’ are doing great. They are such sweet cats. They love watching the birds and squirrels from inside. In good weather they get to go out on the screened porch which they love.”
Update submitted 07/03/23

Trudy was adopted March 2021

Trudy’s mom writes “Trudy is the best roommate! She has taken over the place, and loves being on her back – even when fighting with feathers and swatting ping pong balls, two of her favorite toys.”
Update submitted 06/01/23

Big Bird, now George (brown tabby), was adopted November 2022

Big Bird’s mom writes “Big bird, now George, has grown up quickly. He has his own way of doing things that keeps us entertained. He keeps his brother Gus (formerly Tony) in shape with frequent play time and is learning from Gus how to appreciate hours in the window watching the birds and squirrels.”
Update submitted on 04/19/23

Ziva (FKA Harriet) was adopted February 2023

Ziva’s mom writes “Hi guys! Ziva here! It took me a little time to come out of my shell, but now I love my forever furmom and my new digs!
I’m even starting to sneak out of my room to explore the rest of my home. Still, I tend to retreat back to my space when I’m seen. That’s ok, furmom says I can take all the time I need! Thanks for rescuing my mom, she’s so happy now!”
Update submitted 02/19/23

Midge (FKA Gwen) was adopted March 2020

Midge’s mom writes “I got Midge in March 2020 before the pandemic blew up and after the death of my Siamese cat. I have since moved back to Maine from a brief move to NH. Midge is a wonderful cat. She is so happy and has made my life so happy. Thank you Lucy Mackenzie, you are such a great place. I love Midge and am honored to share my life with this wonderful gal!”
Update submitted 11/04/22

Freya (FKA Asia) was adopted November 2019

Freya’s mom writes “Freya is a happy, loving Huskie/Aussie Shepherd mix who was born at Lucy Mackenzie. Adopted in 2019, she is a well-loved member of our family. She has fun running (at top speed) around the yard and defending her homestead from other critters. She also has a little sister, who is a Sato rescue from Puerto Rico, named Maisie. They are the best of friends!”
Update submitted 11/01/22

Arlo, enjoying the driver’s seat, was adopted July 2022

Arlo’s mom writes “We just love Arlo! He has been with us just over 3 months now and has blossomed into a happy, silly boy, who loves to romp in the woods, splash in puddles and go for rides in the car. He became fast friends with our senior dog and loves piling into the bed at night to cuddle. We are so happy that he has joined our family! Thanks so much to Lucy Mackenzie for all of your help and support in the adoption process!”
Update posted on 10/19/22

Frankie was adopted July 2022

Frankie’s mom and dad write “Frankie adapted quickly to his new home, finding all his favorite lounging spots. He’s affectionate, super smart, quirky and well-behaved. We’re so lucky to have him.”
Update posted 10/13/22

Reuben (FKA Roman) was adopted August 2021

Reuben’s mom writes “We adopted Reuben (previously Roman) last August and he’s the best addition to our family. He loves cuddles and play time, he even trained us to play fetch with him! He wants to be involved in everything and is a great supervisor when we’re making dinner – either perched on one of our shoulders or on top of the refrigerator. Thank you Lucy Mac for bringing this love bug into our lives!”
Update submitted 09/30/22

Cayde and Loki (FKA Yasur and Espresso) were adopted August 2022

Cayde and Loki’s mom writes “We are all adoring Loki and Cayde!! Over Labor Day weekend, we made the final progress where cats and dogs are living in fun harmony. Both kitties love watching the bird feeders while I work. They love their young Dad, Piers, so much and peacefully sleep with him and then come upstairs to intermingle with the whole family now. We couldn’t be happier and feel for fortunate to have adopted them into our family!”

Raffi (FKA Riff Raff), cuddling with big brother-mother Loki, was adopted August 2022

Raffi’s mom writes “Raffi quickly bonded with his new “brother-mother” Loki. They cuddle together all day and have frequent play sessions. Loki grooms him and even lets him faux nurse on his chest or arm (belly is off-limits!), even though he’s an 11 year old male! I couldn’t have hoped for a better introduction and match <3”
Update posted 09/29/22

Abbott and Costello were adopted April 2015

Abbott & Costello’s mom writes “We adopted these two brothers back in April 2015 and they were a pair of scaredy-kittens. They are still quite suspicious of strangers but they love us and we love them.”
Update posted 06/01/22

Roxie was adopted February 2022

Roxie’s mom writes “Roxie is doing great in her new home. She just loves her window perch and uses it constantly. She loves to come find me to come in her room to play with her wand toys. She also loves to run and slide around the corner. She likes to check on her dog brother to se where he is. She is not finicky and loves to sit for her treats. She loves to be spoiled with new toys and treats. She is just enjoying life. She is such a sweetheart and is very loved. Making progress with petting too. Overall very happy and enjoying her new life.”
Update posted 05/22/22

Gus, FKA Tony, was adopted December 2021

Gus’s mom writes “Tony, now Gus, is having a great time and we are spoiling each other. He loves watching birds and squirrels through the windows and on the screened-in porch, now that the weather has warmed up. He makes sure to come see me every night for a belly rub after dinner. He is a frequent guest on my Zoom meetings because it is almost impossible to resist when he comes in during calls and reaches his front paws up for me to pick him up.”
Update posted 04/18/22

Mary Jane was adopted September 2020

Mary Jane’s mom writes “I’ve had Mary Jane for a year and a half now, and she has truly flourished being the only cat! She naturally took a long while to warm up, but I respected (and still do) her boundaries! She loves to snuggle, and loves both her time with me and without me. After slowly introducing it, she likes being held now and it’s very rewarding! I’ve been able to get her overgrooming lessened and that’s made both of us happier. 🙂 She really is a special, lovely cat – I love her so much and it was meant to be!”
Update posted 04/1/22

Laddie was adopted March 2021

Laddie’s mom writes “We adopted Laddie on 3/13/21. Laddie has been with us a year now and is doing great and is a great companion to my husband, me and our other Sheltie, Dora. He loves to roll in the snow, play fetch, letting the world know when he is out in his fenced in area, and sleeping (especially with his owners at night). Laddie is very affectionate, friendly to everyone and loves to be made of. He has quite the personality that keeps revealing itself everyday. Thank you Lucy Mackenzie for taking him in, caring for him and allowing him to be part of our lives.”
Update posted 03/12/22

Bella (FKA Solapur) was adopted November 2015. Her mom writes “We love our miss Bella. She is the most sweetest cat.  
She loves to climb in our arms and sleep. Since we adopted her in 2015 we have added three more fur babies two of which came from Lucy MacKenzie last year, Serrano and Happi.”
Update submitted 01/07/22

Leo (FKA Little Hat) was adopted December 2018

Leo (Little Hat) has been with me for 3 years and is such a joy – he no longer sneezes and is quite healthy now. He loves his “snuggly blankets”, playing with his toys, rolling and purring! He is full of energy and high spirits and follows me everywhere around the house. He enjoys sitting in the windows, watching the wildlife, and sunning himself.

Last December Leo had an exciting surprise – a young stray cat in the neighborhood needed a home and I brought her in, much to Leo’s delight. He’s thrilled to have a sister now! They get along well and chase each other. Leo even shares his toys and beloved blankets with her, and likes to watch over her while she sleeps. 

I am grateful to everyone at Lucy Mac for giving such good care and love to Little Hat. Thank you for helping him live his good life!
Update submitted 10/18/21

Clover was adopted April 2021

Clover’s mom writes “Miss Clover Mog came with her name and gained a middle name for Judith Kerr’s children’s books. She is so very loved and spoiled in our home. Her two Great Danes are very content with her and she is very content with her two betta fish. All of her humans are convinced that she is the best kitty to ever exist. She is full of spunk and play, but loves a good snuggle and loves her 10 year old human very much. We cannot think Lucy Mac enough for such a wonderful creature to share our home with us.”
Update submitted 10/05/21

Leroy was adopted May 2021

Leroy’s dad writes “Leroy is doing great and is a very important of mine and my wife’s lives, We love him like a child. We can’t thank you and all the staff enough. You do great things for the animals and the people you connect with!”
Update submitted 09/24/21

Mitchie was adopted February 2021

Mitchie’s mom writes “It’s been six months here at Mitch’s new home. Those of you who knew Mitch (Mitchie) at Lucy Mackenzie won’t be too surprised to learn that things are going slowly. She’s decided that the laundry room is the place for her. Though that wouldn’t have been my first choice, she’s comfortable there, where she can lie in her fluffy bed or hide in a corner when she’s feeling especially asocial. She looks forward to dinner time, but otherwise prefers her own company, and I mostly respect that. She hasn’t made much progress with my other cat, but they give each other their space and they’re both content. She does *not* like having her picture taken, however, so all you get is this gorgeous specimen of supreme grump, furtively taken from a safe distance. I often describe Mitch not as a cat, but rather as a low-level demon that’s haunting my house, her presence only vaguely felt in her baleful glare from the shadows and her otherworldly growling. But the truth is, that’s what I love about her. She’s just different, man. But she’s the very best version of herself she could possibly be. She had my heart from the moment I saw her photo, and I’m so happy every day to see her in our home and have her in my life!”
Update submitted 08/24/21

Treble (Flo) and Amos (Sawyer) were adopted July 2016

Treble and Amos’ mom writes “It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since I brought home this dynamic duo! Almost passed them by, since they were in a small room with a large extended family, and it was nap time in kittytown. So glad I went back for a second look. Big brother Amos is furry, feisty and so friendly! His nickname is Crazy Eyes, for the look he gets when he’s on high alert or up to no good.
He likes to think he’s the boss of little sister Flo, named for Florence Griffith Joyner, fastest female runner in the world. Flo has such a cool wildcat look and is super fast and athletic, which helps her get out of binds when her brother tries to boss her around. She is more reserved than the gregarious Amos, but oh so affectionate once you have earned her trust. Like many siblings, these two are variously best friends and arch rivals. One thing is for sure, they are both sweet as honey and have enriched my life immeasurably. Ironically, I adopted one year olds because I felt I’d experienced enough wild and crazy kitten fun. Once they were home they let me know that one year olds are still wild and crazy kittens, they’re just bigger! At six years old, they are still spitfires, but they have mellowed a bit and settled into a wonderful country life. I’ve had a lot of cats in my life, and my advice would be, if you think there’s a chance you’ll decide to adopt a second cat in the future, get them both at the same time from Lucy Mackenzie, and it just makes the adjustment process so much easier.”
Update submitted 08/01/21

Burdock was adopted January 2017

Burdock’s mom and dad write “Burdock, aka Burdie, captured our hearts in 2017. She is more than we could have ever hoped for in a feline friend. Burdie is an equal partner in play with our dog, Tanner, and mothers him with licks whenever she can. She asks us to accompany her outdoors, following us through the gardens as we work. If possible, she never leaves our sides, curling up in our laps in the evening and sleeping at the foot of our bed. She is our first greeter in the morning, purring around our heads immediately after the alarm sounds. Most endearing was her faithful presence wherever I tried to settle comfortably night after night following surgery. She is a most precious gift. Thank you Lucy Mackenzie for taking her in, caring for her, and allowing our lives to be graced by her.”
Update submitted 07/06/21

Dusty, left, was adopted Oct. 2005 and Arlo, right, was adopted Feb. 2020

Dusty and Arlo’s mom writes “In October 2005, we adopted a kitten from the Woodstock location of Lucy MacKenzie that we named Dusty. Last year, we adopted Arlo. Arlo is happiest when he can go outside, but he also enjoys afternoon naps with Dusty, together on the bed!”
Update submitted 06/02/21

Tiki was adopted September 2018

Tiki’s human sister writes “My parents adopted Tiki in the fall of 2018 and she fit in with the family right away. Since my father’s passing she has become my mother’s best friend … following her from room to room, sitting in her lap when it’s TV time, and licking my mother’s hair into odd coiffures when she is in bed. Tiki loves to play, using her enormous paws (8 toes on each of the front ones!) to bat at just about anything, and she is a great conversationalist, speaking in musical variations of “ppppprrrrrrrrrrrrpppp”. I love Tiki and my mother says she couldn’t live without her.”
Update submitted 05/24/21

Marty was adopted April 2016

Marty’s mom writes “It is hard to believe that Marty has been with us 5 years (as of March 2021). He is spoiled as he should be. He has got sweeter each year that we have had him. We are addressing a few health issues but he feels pretty good. He loves it now that he is ‘the only child.'”
Update submitted 05/10/21

Luna (FKA Victoria) was adopted May 2020

Luna’s mom writes “We’ve had Luna for almost a year, and she is the life and soul of our house, as well as the most reliable morning alarm! Who would’ve thought that the shy cat staying hidden in her little box was going to be the biggest cuddler?”
Update submitted 04/24/21

Pepper (FKA Petra) was adopted November 2019

Pepper’s mom writes “Pepper came home with me Nov 2019, and it feels like there’s never been a time without her! She’s made tons of human friends and especially loves when they feed her treats or scratch her belly. If she’s not out on a hike or evening sniff walk in the neighborhood, she’s enjoying a nap on the couch, thinking about her next meal, playing with (aka destroying) a squeaky toy, or pursuing the kitchen for fallen crumbs. 

Pepper’s been on two cross country road trips to meet her extended human family, so has now traveled in over 15 different states!

In the next few months Pepper looks forward to turning 8, exploring some new trails in the Whites, and ~maybe- getting more confident with swimming. 

A million thanks, Lucy Mac, for connecting us! Has truly been such a blessing this past year and a half.

Update submitted 04/16/21

Chloe (FKA Jillian) was adopted November 2019

Chloe’s mom writes “Chloe loves to sleep during the day, but wakes for regular meals (her stomach is like a clock!). Then she plays around all night – we find cat toys strewn around the floors in the morning. So far an indoor cat, but if we can get her comfortable with a harness, we may take her outside on a leash this summer.”
Update submitted 03/30/20

Inde was adopted September 2019

Inde’s mom writes “The last 7+ years with Inde have been absolutely phenomenal. She has been the BEST best friend, confidant, adventure buddy, and joy-bringer. Inde’s kisses are like none other, her “singing” is even better, and I will forever be grateful for, and to, her.”
Update submitted 3/27/21

Helena was adopted May 2019

Helena’s mom writes “Helena is blossoming in her new environment, and we only had to buy her 3 cat towers, several toys, a cat tunnel, and a box with newspaper in it :)!!!! She is working on getting her meow back; it is currently about 20 decibels. She is our little princess and we love her very much. She is a great cuddler (on her own terms) and greets us with a wagging tail when we’ve been gone too long. Thank you Lucy Mackenzie for taking such good care of her and introducing us!!!”
Update submitted May 2019

Abbey was adopted September 2019

Abbey’s mom writes “Abbey was a favorite while she was at Lucy Macs. She moved in with us and a few other Lucy Mac alums which was an easy transition for all of us. She quickly converted us into becoming her devoted servants. She spent time with us outside on the back porch during the spring, summer and fall. She would check out the chickens and ducks but wasn’t tempted to follow them. The birds were fascinated by Abbey though and would gang up and follow her around, wondering what her place in this farm was going to be. The birds always kept track of her when she roamed, look for the ducks, find the cat. She moved on to an even better existence and she is still sorely missed.”
Update submitted 03/13/2021

Scooby was adopted September 2019

Scooby’s mom writes “Scooby really blew our minds! From the moment he realized I was taking him for a ride we’ve not looked back. Still excited at times, but has come a long way! We never had to potty train. From the first day Scooby just knew what to do. This was definitely not expected. Scooby still LOVES balls, but has yet again shown lots of improvement! You can actually hold a ball and he will sit and wait. All in all we are one big happy family full of love!”
Update submitted 03/13/21

Bella was adopted July 2018

Bella’s mom writes “Bella is loving life here in New London! She absolutely loves hiking, swimming, and romping around with her sister and cousins. Still very cautious of new things, but getting better every day! She absolutely loves making new friends now that she has figured out that people are COOL and give her pets when she doesn’t bark at them! Her favorite thing to do, besides eat, is zoom around her yard or on the frozen lake, especially when there’s fresh snow to shove her face into 🙂 She is also the best cuddle buddy when we are feeling down or sleepy – she loves to curl up under the covers with me and stick her snoot right in my face.”
Update submitted 03/04/21

Bows, now known as Bea, was adopted November 2016.

Bows’ mom writes “Bows became Bea shortly after joining our home; it took a while for her to settle in and fully relax. She loves her brother and sister kitty and is the happiest of the bunch. We love her so much!”
Update submitted 03/03/21

Jericho was adopted September 2020

Jericho’s human sister writes “The ‘Legendary Jericho’ has been a perfect fit for my father. The two have become fast besties. From playing “ping pong” in the bathtub to watching the birdies from the window Jericho keeps himself and his new best friend entertained. He’s had his nails trimmed twice and seems to love going to the vet. He’s a very good boy in his crate going to and from the vet and they say he is an excellent patient. I don’t know what the two of them would have done without each other this long winter. Two very happy boys.”
Update submitted 03/02/21

Longlong (FKA Pinova) and Pipi (FKA Mac) were adopted October 2019

Pipi and Longlong’s mom writes “Lucy Mackenzie is the best! Pipi has the best temperament in our household. He had some hard time when baby was born, but now perform eating spinach leaf to the baby everyday.
Longlong is my favorite! He decides that the secret place of our rendezvous is the toilet mat, so l have spent a lot of time sitting on the lid of the toilet and play with him on the mat. I’m very sure he loves me.”
Update posted 03/01/21

January (FKA Tahiti) was adopted January 2020.

January’s mom writes “January has been the perfect addition to our family. In the winter she enjoys curling up next to the pellet stove and soaking up the warmth. It is only a matter of time until she is soaking up the sunshine on the porch again, or hunting the backyard. Her affection seems to grow each day, she has turned into a lap kitty (on her terms). Seeing how comfortable she has become in our home in one year excites us to see what the future holds.”
Update posted 03/01/21

Stella was adopted November 2018

Stella’s mom writes “Stella moved in with me soon after I lost my husband. She has been very lively company. She makes sure I wake up for an early breakfast every morning, and never forgets to remind me about every meal (and a few snack times as well). She enjoys watching the birds, and she sleeps on my feet at night. She loves to play, and she enjoys some lap time too.”
Update posted 03/01/21

Gibbs (FKA Rico) was adopted April 2014

Gibb’s mom writes “We adopted Gibbs almost 7 years ago. He loves camping and going for walks. He’s kind and sweet to everyone he meets, two and four legged. Life would be dull without him. Thank you Lucy Mac for our boy.”
Update posted 03/01/21

Clove (left) and Sage (right) were adopted August 2020

Sage and Clove’s mom writes “Sage and Clove are very curious, playful and affectionate to their humans and each other. Their day is pretty busy with plenty of time for napping! They love to look at the squirrels and birds at the bird feeder, sit right in front of the computer as we are doing our daily email read, perch on the table to be eye level while we drink our coffee, pay bills or making stuff. They both have good appetites – Clove possibly is superior to Sage in this department. Sending all the folks at Lucy Mac a big hello and Thank you for our wonderful kittens!”
Update posted 03/01/21

Soma (FKA Caper) was adopted March 2012.

Soma’s mom writes “I adopted Soma 10 years ago … the best 10 years of my life! She was active, funny, playful and kitten-like back then and she STILL IS, even though she must be 12 or 13 now. And she is also the consummate cuddle-bug. Soma is more than my best friend; because she spends much of her time either on my lap or riding around on my shoulders, she is also like another appendage. I can’t imagine life without her.  

Soma was in and out of Lucy Makenzie, mostly in, for about a year, and I am so grateful to Lucy Mac for being the kind of shelter that never looses faith that an animal is worthy and will eventually find the right home. Thank you, thank you!!”
Update posted 03/01/21

Millie (FKA Aero) was adopted September 2018.

Millie’s dad writes “We adopted Millie (aka Aero) in September of 2018. She has been nothing but a pure joy and so much fun. This sweet pup loves to play frisbee every single day. Seriously — Every. Single. Day. She is unmistakable since she carries her frisbee to the field all by herself. We can’t imagine our life without her! Thank you for introducing us!”
Update posted 02/26/21

Leonard, left, was adopted Feb. 2019 and Sheldon (FKA Tahoe) was adopted Feb. 2020

Their mom writes “We’ve now had Sheldon a year and Leonard two years! They are best buddies now. They especially like hikes in the snow and rides in the car. They are Very Good Boys!”
Update posted 02/25/21

Mookie and Hobbes were adopted December 2020.

Their dad writes “Mookie and Hobbes are both doing quite well. They both love getting petted, treats, playing with the wand toy and play wrestling with each other. Mookie loves attention and is frequently trying to get as much quality time with his humans as possible. Hobbes is still a bit shy, but is warming up to us quickly.”
Update posted 02/20/21

Finneas was adopted January 2011

Finneas’ mom writes “We adopted Finneas 10 years ago now! He’s still spunky and a total mamas boy.”
Update posted 02/18/2021

Max was adopted December 2020

Max’s dad writes “Max is loving life in his new home! There’s lots of space to lounge, watch birds, sit in laps, and bed hog. We’re so happy to have Max as part of the family!”
Update posted 02/16/2021

Bowie was adopted September 2020

Bowie’s mom writes “Bowie has grown into a sweet and funny kitty who loves to find unusual places and positions to sleep in. He is extremely chatty and always has something to say. Don’t be late for meal time or play time ot you’re sure to get an earful! He’s not one for getting picked up, and likes his personal space but will seek out play time many times a day. His favorite place after a day of exploring and playing is on the house by the fire on a fuzzy warm blanket.”
Update posted on 02/16/21

Gracie was adopted October 2018


Gracie’s mom writes “Gracie May, aka Gracie, is my joy. I adopted her almost three years ago. She loves to cuddle, sometimes. She loves to play and make me laugh. She loves her tennis balls, she bunny kicks them. She sits, stays, comes when called, waits, up, down, comes when I whistle, and, oh, she fists pumps, too. When I get home she greets me by rolling all over the place. She thinks she’s a dog. She brings me so much joy, laughter, smiles, happiness and love. Thank you Lucy Mackenzie for letting me give her a final furever home.”
Update posted 02/16/21

Hawthorne (FKA Chewbacca), left was adopted July 2019.

Hawthorne’s mom writes “Hawthorne (formerly Chewbacca) loves his sister, Willow, and loves to spend his days snuggled up in various places in the house! He was super shy when we first brought him home but he’s so loving!”
Update posted 02/15/2021

Linus (right) was adopted October 2019 and Kiki (left) was adopted January 2020.

Linus and Kiki’s mom writes “Linus and Kiki have come a long ways since we brought them home over a year ago. Linus has turned from a real bashful boy to a very confident boy who is always there watching what we are doing. Kiki just plain adores us.”
Update posted 02/15/2021

Ziggy was adopted December 2019.

Ziggy’s mom writes “Ziggy (now known as Zuko) loves his new home! He loves running up and down the hall, his cat tree, snuggling, and sleeping under the covers with his mommy and daddy every night!”
Update posted 02/15/2021

Lily and Sophie were adopted together September 2015.

“Lily on the left (the daughter) and Sophie sleeping (the Mom) are the sweetest and most gentle friends you could hope for. We adopted them when they were already adults and it was clear that we were getting wonderful additions to our home.
They’re not spring chickens but they bring us a lot of love!”


Update posted 02/15/2021

Franklin Warbler III was adopted June 2018

Frank’s parents write “Frank (FKA Warbler) is doing GREAT! And we can’t imagine life without him. He keeps us laughing all day everyday and brings so much life into our home! We love him so much!”
Update posted on 02/15/2021

Dreifus was adopted February 2020.

Dreifus’ mom writes “Dreifus has turned into such a sweet boy. He loves going for walks through the woods in the summer, he loves playing on his run in the snow. He has many many toys and bones. He is also a big snuggle bug at night and sleeps by our feet. He loves to play with his brother out side.”
Update posted on 02/15/2021

Mac, left, and Tank (FKA Stormy) were adopted June 2009.

Mac and Tank’s parents write “Both adopted on 6/13/09 as they were ‘shelter friends’ and couldn’t take one without the other! Sadly we lost Mac in 2012, but Stormy aka Tank lives on!(Tank is the gray one) We have since become a 10 animal household. 6 cats and 4 dogs, all rescues. Tank thinks he’s one of the dogs 🙂 following us on our walks every day. He and Mac both were the first additions that we made to our family. He turned 14 years old this year, although he has no idea he’s that old! He’s an absolute joy to have and we feel blessed that he’s still with us. Thank you for all the work you do for the homeless pets!”
Update posted 02/15/2021

Merlin, right, was adopted January 2021.

Merlin’s mom writes “Delta – now named Merlin – loves to play tag with his big brother Lucky.”
Update posted on 02/15/21.

Luna was adopted October 2012.

Luna’s mom writes “I adopted Luna 8 years ago and she has been our rock through our growing family of a husband and child. She loves that her Dad is home every day for work and attends doggie daycare twice per week. She loves racing around the yard and playing with her bones. She’s our #1 girl and are looking forward to many more years with her!”
Update posted 02/15/21

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