Lucy Mackenzie Alumni

Millie (FKA Aero) was adopted September 2018.

Millie’s dad writes “We adopted Millie (aka Aero) in September of 2018. She has been nothing but a pure joy and so much fun. This sweet pup loves to play frisbee every single day. Seriously — Every. Single. Day. She is unmistakable since she carries her frisbee to the field all by herself. We can’t imagine our life without her! Thank you for introducing us!”
Update posted 02/26/21

Leonard, left, was adopted Feb. 2019 and Sheldon was adopted Feb. 2020

“We’ve now had Sheldon a year and Leonard two years! They are best buddies now. They especially like hikes in the snow and rides in the car. They are Very Good Boys!”
Update posted 02/25/21

Mookie and Hobbes were adopted December 2020.

“Mookie and Hobbes are both doing quite well. They both love getting petted, treats, playing with the wand toy and play wrestling with each other. Mookie loves attention and is frequently trying to get as much quality time with his humans as possible. Hobbes is still a bit shy, but is warming up to us quickly.”
Update posted 02/20/21

Finneas was adopted January 2021

Finneas’ mom writes “We adopted Finneas 10 years ago now! He’s still spunky and a total mamas boy.”
Update posted 02/18/2021

Max was adopted December 2020

“Max is loving life in his new home! There’s lots of space to lounge, watch birds, sit in laps, and bed hog. We’re so happy to have Max as part of the family!”
Update posted 02/16/2021

Bowie was adopted September 2020

“Bowie has grown into a sweet and funny kitty who loves to find unusual places and positions to sleep in. He is extremely chatty and always has something to say. Don’t be late for meal time or play time ot you’re sure to get an earful! He’s not one for getting picked up, and likes his personal space but will seek out play time many times a day. His favorite place after a day of exploring and playing is on the house by the fire on a fuzzy warm blanket.”
Update posted on 02/16/21

Gracie was adopted October 2018

“Gracie May, aka Gracie, is my joy. I adopted her almost three years ago. She loves to cuddle, sometimes. She loves to play and make me laugh. She loves her tennis balls, she bunny kicks them. She sits, stays, comes when called, waits, up, down, comes when I whistle, and, oh, she fists pumps, too. When I get home she greets me by rolling all over the place. She thinks she’s a dog. She brings me so much joy, laughter, smiles, happiness and love. Thank you Lucy Mackenzie for letting me give her a final furever home.”
Update posted 02/16/21

Hawthorne (FKA Chewbacca), left was adopted July 2019.

“Hawthorne (formerly Chewbacca) loves his sister, Willow, and loves to spend his days snuggled up in various places in the house! He was super shy when we first brought him home but he’s so loving!”
Update posted 02/15/2021

Linus (right) was adopted October 2019 and Kiki (left) was adopted January 2020.

Linus and Kiki’s mom writes “Linus and Kiki have come a long ways since we brought them home over a year ago. Linus has turned from a real bashful boy to a very confident boy who is always there watching what we are doing. Kiki just plain adores us.”
Update posted 02/15/2021

Ziggy was adopted December 2019.

Ziggy’s mom writes “Ziggy (now known as Zuko) loves his new home! He loves running up and down the hall, his cat tree, snuggling, and sleeping under the covers with his mommy and daddy every night!”
Update posted 02/15/2021

Lily and Sophie were adopted together September 2015.

“Lily on the left (the daughter) and Sophie sleeping (the Mom) are the sweetest and most gentle friends you could hope for. We adopted them when they were already adults and it was clear that we were getting wonderful additions to our home.
They’re not spring chickens but they bring us a lot of love!”


Update posted 02/15/2021

Franklin Warbler III was adopted June 2018

Frank’s parents write “Frank (FKA Warbler) is doing GREAT! And we can’t imagine life without him. He keeps us laughing all day everyday and brings so much life into our home! We love him so much!”
Update posted on 02/15/2021

Dreifus was adopted February 2020.

Dreifus’ mom writes “Dreifus has turned into such a sweet boy. He loves going for walks through the woods in the summer, he loves playing on his run in the snow. He has many many toys and bones. He is also a big snuggle bug at night and sleeps by our feet. He loves to play with his brother out side.”
Update posted on 02/15/2021

Mac, left, and Tank (FKA Stormy) were adopted June 2009.

Mac and Tank’s parents write “Both adopted on 6/13/09 as they were ‘shelter friends’ and couldn’t take one without the other! Sadly we lost Mac in 2012, but Stormy aka Tank lives on!(Tank is the gray one) We have since become a 10 animal household. 6 cats and 4 dogs, all rescues. Tank thinks he’s one of the dogs 🙂 following us on our walks every day. He and Mac both were the first additions that we made to our family. He turned 14 years old this year, although he has no idea he’s that old! He’s an absolute joy to have and we feel blessed that he’s still with us. Thank you for all the work you do for the homeless pets!”
Update posted 02/15/2021

Merlin, right, was adopted January 2021.

Merlin’s mom writes “Delta – now named Merlin – loves to play tag with his big brother Lucky.”
Update posted on 02/15/21.

Luna was adopted October 2012.

Luna’s mom writes “I adopted Luna 8 years ago and she has been our rock through our growing family of a husband and child. She loves that her Dad is home every day for work and attends doggie daycare twice per week. She loves racing around the yard and playing with her bones. She’s our #1 girl and are looking forward to many more years with her!”
Update posted 02/15/21

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