Jake’s Friends Fund

Jake’s Friends Fund, established in memory of a wonderful dog named Jake, is an emergency care fund that ensures no companion animal will ever have to be euthanized or suffer simply because access to medical care is beyond somebody’s financial means.

There’s no denying how much our companion animals enrich our lives simply by being part of our family, providing us with an unlimited supply of selfless love and joy. Imagine having to make the choice between feeding your family and providing your beloved dog or cat with needed medical treatment? This is why Jake’s Friends Fund exists. 

We receive calls year round from community members that are in dire need of financial assistance in order to provide medical care for their companion animals. Loving and responsible families and individuals can fall on hard times at any moment, and can suddenly find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. Jake’s Friends Fund enables Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society to support the veterinarian care for animals owned by loving and responsible community members when they need us most. 

Jake’s Friends Fund also helps us to cover extraordinary veterinarian costs for the animals at Lucy Mackenzie.  Over the years, we’ve been able to help dogs in need of cruciate repairs, cats in need of exploratory surgery to remove blockages, and so much more. Thanks to Jake’s Friends Fund, we’re able to provide our very own residents with a quality of car and life that all animals deserve. 

Whether an animal comes to Lucy Mackenzie or stays in their home, Jake’s Friend Fund ensures they no longer have to face the possibility of going without treatment.

This past December, we were honored to receive a substantial donation from the New England Foundation for Animal Health. Since 1998, NEFAH has been committed to their mission of “people helping people helping pets” by providing funding to people and organizations that help to provide animal health care. NEFAH has made a remarkable difference in the lives of countless animals, and we are honored to carry on their mission through Jake’s Friends Fund.     

Click here to make a donation to Jake’s Friends Fund:

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