Thank You


Thank you to the generous donors who have contributed to Lucy Mackenzie in 2017. Your support enables us to fulfill our mission of enhancing the bonds between animals and people through humane care and education.

Cathy Acks
Andrea Ahern
Elisabeth Alden
Robert and Patricia Alexander
Scott Alley
Blake Allison
Herbert and Simin Allison
Donald and Penny Allyn
Animal Welfare League, Inc
Reay and Debra Antonelli 

Peter Armen
Tony and Hannah Artuso
Donna Atherton
John Auten
Mary Auten
J. Douglas Azar
Charles and Maureen Bacon

Jim and Janet Bailey
Scott and Kimberli Bailey
Frank and Melissa Ball
Rodman and Mary Jane Barlow
Donald and Elaine Barnes
Bob and Patricia Barr
Fred and Corey Barr
Dennis and Nancy Barr
Paul and Freda Barton
Earl and Lois Bassett
Martin, Monkey and Wubby Bates
William Bates

Eric and Teresa Bauernschmidt
Catherine Baumgartner
Robert and Nancy Benz
Edgar and Margery Berube
Susan Bianchetti and Gene Fullam
Gordon and Terri Bingham

Jennifer Blaiklock and Richard Crowley
Wanda Blanchard

Dr. Carol Boerner
Lorraine Skowronski – Boggis
Jim and Amy Bonney
Elizabeth Booraem
Rod Bourdon
Howard and Carolyn Bower
Francis and Margarit Bowles

Richard and Linda Brackett
David and Donna Brault
Eileen Broderick
Bernadette Brown

Dennis and Nancy Brown
Philip and Lynn Brown

Laurance and Viola Bock
Gerhard and Susan Botha
Francis and Margaret Bowles
Karl Brewer and Elizabeth Gage
Matthew and Lynne Birmingham
Dr. Carol Boerner
David Bollinger

Mary Bourgeois
Jim and Suzanne Brian
Marianne Brigham
John Bristol
Rachael Brown
Paul and Marylee Buff
Jim and Phyllis Bulmer
Harvey and Sandra Bumps
Kristin Burch
Marion Burchard
William and Louise Burgin
Ken and Ann Marie Burke
Carol Burnham
Dr’s Brad and Angela Burrington
Olivia Burroughs
Fred and Linda Busch
Dorothy Byrne, The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Pat Byrnes
Maria Cabri
Phil and Marylee Camp
Sarah Campbell
Donn and Brenda Cann
Clifton Cantlin
Jennifer Cantor

David and Marie Carmichael
James Carpenter
Jane Carrier and Skip Symanski
Nelson Carter and Barbara Slaiby
Stephen and Sandra Cary
Chris Cassidy and Shari Sacks

Patrick and Shari Casey
Melanie Chaloux
Paul Charrow and Ellen Hamilton
Arlene Chamberlain
Lisa Champagne
Bill and Anne Cherico
John and Laurie Chester
Bob Christensen and Sara Ecker
Patricia Clauser
Duffy Clearwater

John Cocke and Penelope Bliss
Melissa May Cole
Clayton and Carolyn Collins
Bill and Vick Colson
Jennifer Congdon
Joanne Conroy

Lantz and Martha Cook
Bill and Susan Copeland
Michael and Christine Copping
William Corbett

Mark Corbin
Russell and Joyce Corbin
Alison Corpieri
Barry and Barbara Corriveau
William and Madelyn Costello
Matthew and Randi Coutermarsh
Bea Couture
Roderick and Lucille Craib
Edna Crandall
Steve and Ashley Crihfield
Brad and Linda Crosby
Pamela Kyle Crossley
Glenn and Susan Crowe

Alison Curtis
Jane Curtis
Mark and Beth Dakotas
Mark and Beth Dakoulas
J.W. and Ann D’anna
Sara Dana
Helen Davidson

Walter Davis and Elizabeth Haartz
Anne Day
Jean Day
Maria Day and David Monette
Marilyse De Boissezon
Kristyn Deluca
Robert and Judith Dennehy

Stephen and Melanie Deschenes
Sandy Dibble
Julie Dolan
Maeve Donegan
Niles and Rachel Donegan
Roger and Anne Dontonville
David and Mary Drewek
Laura Driver
Reggi Ann Dubin
Kevin and Diane Dugan
Nancy Duffy and Robin Oshea
Christine Dunleavy
Peter and Bonnie DuPrey
David and Dawn Dupuis

Nelson and Jennifer Duranceau
Harold and Jane Eaton

Norman and Jo-Ann Ecker
Harry Ecker
William and Nancy Eckert
Robert Edgerton and Hannah Bright

William and Marilyn Edgerton
Shirley Edwards
Deirdre Ellerson and Maria Comtois
Dana and Debbie Ennis
David and Joan Evans
Kathleen Evans
Jamie Farfone
Harry and Joan Fariel
Shirley Fenner

Richard Ferguson
Elizabeth Ferry

Dana Fifield
Roz Finn

Bill and Lois Fitts
Holly Foetsch and Cassandra Angelo
Matt Foley and Susan Sundstrom
Polly Foley
David and Catherine Follensbee
William Forster

Corinne Fortune
Dexter and Sarah Foss
William Foster
Louise Fowler
Margarete Fox
Susan Frankenstein and Andrew Tuthill
Ira Freedman
Kevin and Cheryl French

Kimberly French and Mark Spatz
Therese Fullerton
Jenn Gaito
Liz Galloway
Fairlee Gamble
Joanna Garbisch
Phillip and Lynn Gatto
Morgan Gaucher
Eileen and Emma Gavin

Kathleen Geagan
Richard and Cynde Gehnrich
Anna Gerrish

Kurt and Phyllis Gerrish
John and Pam Gerstmayr
Barbara Gerstner
Mark Giammalvo
Barbara Gibbs
Donald and Christina Gilbert
Sandy Gilmour
Clara Gimenez
Katherine Gionet-Kloszewski
David Girouard

Hal and Linda Glock
Beverly Gobie
John and Sally Goffinet
Dana Jacobson-Goodhue
Beth Gould
Nora Palmer Gould

Kathy Ford and John Gratiot
Alan and Kristina Graham
Ruth Grandy
Barbara Graves
Joy Gray
Barbara Green
Greg and Judi Greene
Dorianne Guernsey
Lucinda Hall
Kenneth Hamblin
Pattie Hand
Bob and Pat Hanlon
Joe and Linda 
Eileen Hard
Ralph Harlow
Joan Harris
Joan Harvey
Ann Hastings

Bob and Liz Hatfield
Nancy Haynes
Charles and Frances Haywood
George and Jill Helmer
Helmut Wolfgang Schumann Foundation
Davis and Valerie Hemingway

Benedicte Henrotte ~ Elegance
Margaret Hickey
Susan Hildebrandt
Kenneth and Pauline Hill
Nicole Hirschman
Emerson and Jane Hoisington
Cathryn Holinger

Gary and Sandra Holt
David Hooks
Lucy Horton and J. Howard Dehoff
Joyce Hottenstein and Thomas Spencer
Walter and Eileen Howard
Coleman and Cecilia Hoyt
Don and Jacki Hoyt

Mike Huber
Marty Hunt
Jeff and Barbara Ingalls
Anna Ingraham
Leon and Doris Jacobs
Marty Jacobs
David and Dianne Jacques
Thelma Jillson
Edward Jodice and Linda Beaumariage
Edwin and Rita Johnson
Jason and Heather Johnson
Lydia Johnson
Ray Johnson
Kevin and Donna Jondro
Leslie Jordon
Carla Kamel

Beth Kamhi
Janine Kanzler

Stephen and Susan Kapral
James Karns
Katherine Keating and Robert Sunn
Deborah Keenan
Ted and Mary Keith
Chris and Christine Kellogg

DeRoss Kellogg and Imogen Corcoran
Byron and Jean Kelly
Brian and Amber Kelsey

Dane Kendall
Deborah Kennedy
Ruth Kenrick
Joseph and Mary King
Kathy Kingston
Roger and Debbie Klene
Richard and Nancy Kline
Katherine Gionet – Kloszewski
Steven and Lesa Knapp
Robert and Virginia Kottkamp
Danny Kogut and Scott Monahan
Joyce Kramer

Lisa Kue-Miya
David and Ann Kynor
Chris and Sara Lamar-Sterling
Harold Lamica
Jane Lancaster
Charlotte Lang
Joan Lang
Michelle Lang
Donald and Dorothy Langley
Colleen Larimore and Margaret Worden
Rebecca Lash
Jane Lasure
Joe and Florence Lauria
James and Jay Ann Lavoie
Stephen and Leah Lee

Catherine Legan
Doc and Carolyn LeVarn
Robert and Barbara Levenson

Eric Levy
Lynn Lewis and William Gardner
Nancy Lewis
Zachary and Viola Lewko

Jeannie Lindheim and Steven Shama
Jeffrey and Marta Liroff
Sharyn Lobrano

Taylor Long
Joshua and Meghan Longacres
Lois Lorimer
Gregory and Kimberli Lutchko
Peter and Deborah Luquer
Philip Lynch and Madeline Derro
Robert and Katherine Lynds
Patrick and Virginia Lyons
Susan MacGahan
Paul Machalaba
Vicky Maheu
Frank and Liz Manafort, Black Watch Farm
Oliver and Tita Manice
Stephen and Margot Maddock
Patricia March
Linda Marchetti
Charles and Marian Marrin
Tom and Margo Marrone
Diana Marsh and Craig Tyrie
Donna Lynn Marsh
Esther Dobbins-Marsh
Alfred Marshall
Caroline Martin
Joyce Martin
Amelia Mason
John Mathews

Jeanne Matos
Pat Mattson
Kelton Maxham

Perry and Janet Maxham
John and Donna Mayo
TJ and Cindy McCarthy
Charles McCleary
McCollom Family Foundation
Robert and Fiona McElwain
Ann Mercer

Merril, Nancy and Liam McConnell
Molly McDermott
Melisenda McDonald
Mary McNally

Scott and Lori McVeigh
Katherine Mears
Catherine Melocik
Ann Mercer
Cordelia Merritt
Tom and Coleen Miller

Patrick Miller
James and Elizabeth Mitchell
Calvin Monroe
John Montgomery
Ethel Montuori
Emily Mooney
Roland Moore
Patrick and Doreen Moran
Victoria and Theresa Morin

Donald Morrison
Lisa Morrison
Mark and Jane Murphy
Arlene Mutschler
Marina Turkevich Naumann
Isamara Navarrete
Mary Nearn

Laura Nelson
Roger Nelson
Barry Newton
Mark and Christie Nicholson
William and Nancy Nightingale

Kenneth and Sara Norcross
James Northrop and Barbara Bonney
James and Janine Nowman
Raymond Nuttle
Frank and Barbara O’Connell
Joseph O’Connell
Molly O’Dwyer

Sonja Olson
Patsy Sue O’Neill
Jerry and Joan Oppenheimer
Steeve and Pamela Oppenheimer
Joseph and Pauline Ouelette
Nancy Parker
Steven Packer
Ashley Pakenham
Patti Pallito
Lisa Marie Paquette
Lisa Paquette
John and Lyn Paul
Nancy Parker
Robert and Kathryn Parkington
John and Lyn Paul
Nancy Pedrick
Stephen and Linda Pendo
Jacques Perold and Amy Bresky
Kim Perry
Anne Peyton
Gary and Karen Phetteplace

J. Allan and Shirley Phillips
John and Jane Philpin
Martha Philpin
Edson Pierce and Melodie Fitts

Mary Louise Pierson
Leon and Ruth Pillsbury
Christine Pinello, DVM
Robert and Susan Pitiger

Patty Jenkins Pittman
Gloria Plummer
David Podell

Victoria Poisson
Patricia Polk
Nathan and Gillian Pond

Catherine Poole
David Powell
Ayla Price
Jeffrey and Jennifer Prileson
Robert Quasman

Wilfred and Ruth Quimby
Louise Rameae

Val Raney
Athos Rassias and Marcia Procopio
Joseph Renfro

Carol Rennie
Gordon and Patricia Richardson
Nathalie Rice
Toni Richie
George and Shirley Ritchie
Madeline Riederer
Lynn Roberto and Joe Sampsell
Theodore and Caroline Robbins
Lynn Roberto and Joe Sampsell
Paul and Pat Roberts

Joyce Robison
Aaron Rodriguez and Samantha 
Justin Roe
Christopher and Kristin Rokos
Maureen Roosa
Julie Rosenberger and Niels Burger
Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenblum
Ronald and Beth Rushton
Austin and Nancy Russell
Jonathan and Nancy Russell
Jack and Lisa Ryan

James Sadwith
Jay Sallen
Ellen Satterthwaite
Ed and Judy Savarese
Hank and Meme Savelberg
James and Ellen Schlagel
Cynthia Schlener
Louise Schmitt
Gordon and Ann Schnare
Jonathan and Bev Schofield
Jans and Jean Schwab
Harold and Paula Schwenk
John and Nancy Schullinger
Sanford and Roberta Schulman
Michael and Nanchen Scully
Robert and Virginia Searle
Dana Seguin
Lauren Seidman
John and Marilyn Sentowski
Edward and Mary Servant
Glenn and Shelley Seward
Michael and Jeanne Shafer
Kahev and Leslie Shahi
Raymond and Lynda Shannis
Naomi Sheldon
Mark and Kim Sheffield
Charles and Anne Sincerbeaux
Michael and Karen Skalla
Gerald Skene
Daun Smith
Gary Smith

Norman and Nancy Smith
Peter and Nancy Smith
Snyder Watchorn Foundation
Neil Sorenson
Bob and June Stacey
Nancy Stahurah
Stamps Family Charitable Foundation
Longin and Nancy Stasziewicz
Warren and Rosemary Stearns
Scott and Christy Stebbins
Clemens and Lizzy Steinrisser
Erin Stern
Ruth Stoddard
Irving and Sarah Stone
Zaela Strong
Bruce and Catherine Swenson
Skip Symanski and Jane Carrier
Betsy Taft and Goofy
Gus and Barbara Tampasis
John Tatlock
Patrick and Linda Temple
Barbara Templeton
Virginia Thoma
Allen and Bunny Thomas
Jill Thomas
Rebecca Thomas
Selina Thomas
Steve Thomas and Deborah Bassett
George and Lynn Tidman
Richard and Debra Todd
Jarod Toye
James and Meredith Trefethen
Dagney Trevor

Heidi Ann Tucker
Jean Tucker
Scott and Rita Tucker
Cheryl Twerdowsky
Lisa Unwin

Michael and Mary Ann Van Beuren
Donna Van Fleet
Willem and Carolyn Van Schaik
Craig and Kelly Hutt Vater

James and Carroll Veltrop
Rod Viens
Chris and Adam Wagner
Tom and Lisa Warhol
Lucy Waring
Colleen Warren
Joyce Waters
Doris Watson
Harvey and Lois Watson
Thomas and Paulette Watson
Bruce and Jean Weatherell
Ernestine Weigel

Trudy Weigel
Susan Weld

Kenneth Wells
Bruce and Mary Jane Wentworth
Cheryl Westerman
Daniel and Joanne Whitaker
Amy Danley – White

Brent and Sarah White
Earl and Joyce White
Jeffrey and Jill Spencer White
John and Kelly White
Marianne White

Richard and Edith White
Dean and Jody Whitman

Kent Wien
Dawn Willis
Charles and Elizabeth Wilson
Guy Wilson
Faith Wishart
Karen Wilt
Carol Wood
Catherine Wood
Julie Woodbury

Dennis and Tuesday Wright
William and Rosalie Wyman
Russell and Gail Yearke
John and Pam Zahara
Charles Zdunczyk
Elizabeth Ziegler
Samuel and Mary Zucker

Cavendish Elementary School, Jenn Harper, Anne Thompson and 4th & 5th Grade

4 Corners Children’s Center
The Aloha Foundation
Bella Biscotti, Brownsville, VT
Ben and Jerry’s, Vermont Manufacturing
Black Watch Farm
Craft Beer Guild of Vermont

Crow Bar and Grill
Dead River Company
Divella Designs Jewelry
Elevation Clothing

First Universalist Society of Hartland
Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty
Franklin Philanthropic Foundation
Frazer Agency, Inc.
Glad Rags
Green Mountain Foundation Inc.
Green Mountain Sugar House
GKN Aerospace
Harpoon Brewery
Hayes, Windish and Badgewick

Holly Hill West, INC
Housewright Construction,INC
Ibex Outdoor Clothing, LLC
India Hicks
J.P. Pest Services
Kedron Valley Stables
King Arthur Flour

Lake Sunapee Bank
Lucas Industries
Mascoma Savings Bank
Members Advantage Community Credit Union

Mike’s Store and Collectibles, Inc
Monsalvat Farm, John Noffo Kahn and Mark Addison Foundation
Network for Good
Pet Food Warehouse

Riverbend Veterinary Clinic
River Road Veterinary Clinic
Sleep Woodstock Motel
Think Music, Inc.
The Inn at Weathersfield

The Ironwood Foundation, Inc
The Jack and Dorothy Bryne Foundation
The North Mowin, Inc

The Village Inn of Woodstock
Tami’s Headlines
Tony’s Used Autos, Inc
Veremedy Pet Hospital
Vermont Community Foundation

Wild Apple Graphics
Windsor Rotary Club
Woodstock Home and Hardware
Woodstock Inn & Resort, Spa
Woodstock Insurance, Inc.
Woodstock Pharmacy
Woodstock Rotary Club
Woof While You Walk
Worth New York and W by Worth


Charlie Reed
Roy and Elaine Winot
Randall and Shelly Pippin
Shelly Becker
The Forbes Family
Sharon Cupuro

Boyd Davis
Jean Conklin
John and Ruth Wiegand

Elaine Galt
Connie Cestrone
Janice Standish

Joan Bock
Helen Gillespie
Rhonda Ingram

Intelligent Baking Solutions, Inc

Barbara Murray
Janice Standish

Howard Barton, Jr.
Peter Berlenbach
Joseph and Linda Harbeson
Edwin and Gene Ann Kinney
Douglas and Holly Eddy
Kristen, Eric, Sophia and Lucy Campbell
Adrienne, Andrew, Owen and Lillian Capen

CBOC Rutland VA
Katherine Varga and S.D. Jerome
Michael and Sara Lees
Gary and Jean Busch
Imerys Talc
Janice Gallagher
Joanna Gilicinski
Lisa Kelley
Black River High School
Thomas and Tammie Kibbee
Michael Engineering Company
Village of Ludlow Electrical Department
Joyce Washburn
Pauline Ellison
Two Rivers Supervisory Union
James and Victorine Ball
Okemo Mountain Resort
DuBois & King, Inc.
Howard and Mary Barton
Warren and Lois Pease
Robert and Patricia Kirkbride
Paul and Marie Lamere

Dan Dawley
Douglas and Elizabeth O’Donnell
Kjell and Sue Svensson
Karen Evans
Thomas Pollock and Eileen Tabios
Townline Equipment Sales, Inc
Cheryl Mitrick
Fred McConkey
Larry and Luanne Dewey
Roger and Patricia Haadsma
Patricia Boike

Mary Jane Vaughn
The Woodstock Foundation, Inc

Paul Heim
Bob and Teta Anderson

Mary Rita Batesole
Susan Ford
Woodstock Ski Runners
Marianne White
Okemo Mountain Resort
Jim and Chris Hoffmann
Maggie Hoffman
Kyle and David Messier
Mary Neal
Sandra Fletcher

Donna Duling 
Warren and Rosemary Stearns
Rosemary Morancy
Carol Morton
Mary Jane Wentworth, Mark Wentworth and Amy Yates

Sandy Parkington
Allan Parkington

Horace Watkins
Richard Paul Jr.
Donna VanFleet
Joanne Allen
The Usher Family

Joyce Dee Brooks
Thomas Rowell
Susan Weld
Richard Mackay
Earl and Joyce White

Cynthia Day
Donna Foote and Robert Demers
Mt Ascutney Hospital and Health Care
Carter Community Building Association 
John and Nida Tansey
Regional Resource Center Staff

Oliver G. Seiberts
Judith Macdonald

Evan Wadsworth
Woodstock Union High School ~ Class of 2018
Carrie Usher Family

Stanley Wright
Konstantinos and Barbara Tampasis

Willie Rameau
Louise Rameau

Jesse Robinson
David Hooks
Louise Rameau

Jim Geer
Mildred Neulon

Kenneth Donka
Woodstock Police Benevolent Association

Mary Hyde Ryan
CA Technologies
Kevin and Jylanne Dunne
Gary Falk and Susan Braidwood
David and Mary Gulbrandsen
Pam Monaco
James C. Marro, Jr.
Strategic Financial Services
Glenn and Betsy Morgan
Brad and Gail White
Olin and Terry Deforge
David and Georgia Mosher
Robert and Ann Dewell
Tom and Pat Barnett
Drake and Francesca Battista
Robert and Patricia Chartrand
Judith Carbine
Clayton and Eleanor Prugh

Edith Tewksbury
Thomas and Rose Rhoden
Littleton Coin Company, LLC

John Pedrick
Daniel Pedrick
Robert and Virginia Pedrick

Megan E O’Neill
Debra Eaton

Clayton Collins
Ronald and Mary Lou Cadreact
Richard Painter
Martha MacDonald
Terry and Marie Warlick

Otto Van Grey
Grace Staples
John and Arlene Staples

Palla Hazen
Virginia Hazen

John Mitchell
George Dembroski

Teresa Aldrich
Alfred and Dorothy Sausville
Arthur and Elaine Malm

Barry Nemeroff
Frieda Jones

Jenny Morris
Wilmer and Carol Maxham

Roy Fuller
Maria Hale
Grace Battles Staples

Pauly Matthews
Patricia Thomas

Hal Glock
Charles and Frances Haywood
Cathy Turcotte
Francis and Cindy Dougherty
Charles and Karen Contryman
Virginia Little
Harriet Goodwin
Joseph and Barbara Solimini
Mary Ackley
Jay Newton
Byron and Jean Kelly
Joan Hiltz
Nicholas and Sarah Orlov
Joan Hudson
Lantz and Martha Cook
Margaret Hendrick
Paul and Cheryl McCormack
Daniel and Valerie Solimini
Bob and Anitra Anderson
Catherine Wood
Wendy Wannop

Lori Smith
Ascutney Mountain Side Condos
Edward and Ruth Perkins

Marjorie Swain
Ruth Ekberg
Martha Cook

Becky Pyke
Harold Pyke
Lois Ann Krieger
Edson Pierce and Melodie Fitts
Patricia Waite
Mary Merrick and Family
Dave and Kathy Deschamp
Wilmer and Marcia Baker
Christopher and Margaret Jones

Sandy Partington
Eric and Debra Hansen
Mark and Catherine Dodge
Allan Partington
David and Bobbi Lapierre
Margaret Gladstone

Amy Sargent
Zachary and Viola Lewko

Barbara Bonney
Peter and Solange Rea
William and Hilary Dahms

Marian Marrone
Kathleen Bixby
David and Wynne Gedney
Maria Hale
Michael Pascucci
Irving and Nancy Silverman
Tyson Ladies Aid
John and Narda

Arta Gramling
Eugene and Mary Gramling
Stephen and Joan Tarleton

Kathie Lawrence
John and Deb Gravel

Ida Merrill
Zachary and Viola Lewko

Marilyn Birkett

Dale Howe
Leon and Doris Jacobs
Nancy Howe

William Gamage
Katherine Calder English
Ken and Candie Gammill
Jim and Phyllis Bulmer
Michael and Nancy Brink

Bonnie Potwin
Tim and June Reilly

Ruth L. Heureux
Zachary and Viola Lewko

Ruth Chandler
Jean Conklin
The Village Barber Shop, S. Pomfret, VT
Faith Wishart
Donald and Marilyn White
Helen Coburn
Darlene and Carroll Wright

Robert Patterson
C & C Blanchard
Richard and Kate Lee
Brad and Lynn Leighton
Gerrish Honda

David Houghton
Elliot and Barbara Matteson
Helen Davidson
Nellie Douglas
Charles and Heidi Kern
Viola Lewko
Elliot and Barbara Matteson
Katherine Moore
Paul and Patricia Putnam
Ted and Nancy Putnam
Lynn Roberto
Daryl and Patricia Royce
Carl and Judy Spaulding
Robert and Susan Lober

Sophie (Best Cat Ever) ~ Sandy Dibble
Tag ~ T.J. Lats Latvis 
Cooper ~ Philip and Donna Steed
Clyde and Parker ~ Anne Marie Harris

Eddie ~ Katie Jacobsen
Mae ~ William MacEachem
Brittany and Ali ~ Johnathan and Beverly Owens
GiGi ~ Tom and Sharyn Lobrano
Woody ~ Marilyn Birkett
Sammy ~ Hannah Prescott
Kilo and Gracie ~ Daniel Morgan
Cooper ~ Patrick and Cindy Mackey

In honor of Kathy Doton ~ Robert Doton

In honor of Mark Coutermarsh ~ Daun, Stevie and Rocko Smith

In honor of Natalie Barnard ~ Nathalie Rice
In honor of Denise Welch May and Brett Bourne ~ Lucy Horton
In honor of Amy Yates ~ Dennis and Nancy Brown
In honor of Faith Billings ~ Ernest and Kimberly and William and Madeline Eck


The Lubbe Family

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