Hi! My name’s Scooby and I’m a 1-year-old neutered male Rotti Mix. If you’re looking for a fun-loving new best friend, I very well may be your guy! I love life – I really do. I like having fun – you know, playing, running around and letting loose, but I also like the more chill time […]



Hi! My name’s Wakoda and I’m a 10-year-old neutered male Collie/Hound Mix. I came here with my brother and best friend, Washoshe, which is pronounced “was-sho-shay,” and I love him! Many people say “Who is who?” That’s easy – I’m the one with one blue eye! Otherwise, we look a lot alike. We came here […]



Hi! My name’s Washoshe and I’m a 10-year-old neutered male Collie and Hound Mix. My name’s pronounced “wah-sho-shay” – you can call my Shay. Me and brother, Wakoda (he’s the one with the blue eye), came to Lucy Mackenzie when our Mom became really sick. I have to admit that we’re both a bit nervous – […]



Hi! My name’s Tuppence, but all my friends call me Tuppy, and you can, too! I’m a 2-year-old spayed female. I had been living outdoors all on my own when a nice woman found me. She made sure I was fed, and safe and then helped me to find my way here. It’s a good […]



Hi! My name’s Bailey and I’m a 2-year-old neutered male Chihuahua Mix. I came to Lucy Mackenzie with a bunch of my buddies from Mississippi earlier this summer. I was adopted soon after arriving, but things didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. The good news is that we all learned a lot about […]



Hi! My name’s Meghan and I’m a 1-year-old spayed female. I came to Lucy Mackenzie as a stray with two of my baby kittens. They both have been adopted (actually, they were adopted together!) and now it’s my turn to find my very own home! I enjoy the companionship of the other cats here at the […]



Hi! My name’s Skittles and I’m a 10-year-old spayed female. More about me soon!



Hi! My name’s Lilith and I’m a 1-year-old spayed female that came to Lucy Mackenzie as a stray. I’m so happy I did, too, because things were getting really cold out there! I live with my kitty-friends here at the shelter and can often be found playing with my best friend, David. He and I […]



Hi! My name’s Sharon and I’m a 5-year-old spayed female. I came to Lucy Mackenzie when I was found living outdoors with some of my kitty friends and family. It wasn’t the safest environment for us, so a nice lady brought us here. Things are different here at the shelter, for sure! Everyday we’re becoming […]



Hi! My name’s Georgie and I’m a 12-year-old neutered male.  More coming soon!



Hi! My name’s Bailey and I’m a 6-year-old spayed female Mixed Breed. I’m a big beautiful girl that is very big on love! I came to Lucy Mackenzie when my dad died. I was lost without him at first, but then I made lots of new friends. Making new friends is one of my most […]



Hi!  My name’s Chewbacca and I’m a 3-year-old neutered male. I was living on my own when a very nice person discovered me and brought me to Lucy Mackenzie.  I’m so happy, too, because I have all the food I can eat here! I also have many kitty friends that make me feel much safer. […]

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