Cow Potty Lottery

Thank you to all who participated in the Cow Potty Lottery in September!
Odette Cummings was our lucky winner. Congratulations, Odette!

A Chance to Win Thousands!
Buy a ticket for a chance to win thousands! On September 21, 2013, Bessie the cow will be unleashed on our field! Where will Bessie make a flop? Maybe you know! Purchase a ticket that corresponds with a square marked off on Bessie’s field. If Bessie goes in your square, you win!

How It Works
The grid above represents the field where Bessie will be roaming around on September 21st, looking for the perfect spot to make a flop. Each square represents a 2’ x 2’ space where Bessie could go. Buying 1 ticket will give you a 1 in 300 chance of winning half the total cash raised. If all tickets are sold, and there is 1 winner, the total winnings could be $3000. Tickets can be purchased from the front desk or online below.

Buy a Ticket Now!

Click "Donate" below to purchase 1 $20 ticket. Please click on "+Special Instructions" on the PayPal Review Your Donation page to let us know which number square you would like to purchase. There are 20 squares across each row on the grid above.